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Captain Levi by ItachixKisame
Captain Levi
Here's a picture of Levi that I drew for Kamari-Inuzuka's birthday! I know how much you like Levi, haha! So here you go. c: Happy (late) Birthday! Hope you had a good one--I'll see you in like, half an hour, lol. Everyone should go wish her a happy birthday, too!

I like his face. Like, "You gon' kill Titans, or naw?"

Levi Ackerman (c) Attack on Titan
Eren Jaeger by ItachixKisame
Eren Jaeger
I haven't posted anything in six months. I am so sorry. Have some Eren Jaeger, because even though I'm never here, I still love you guys. c: Also, feel free to comment anything related to AoT, because I just finished season one and I am obsessed. And please supply me with your best JeanMarco fanfiction. I am desperate.

Eren Jaeger (c) Attack on Titan 
    So, I know I'm basically never on here anymore and I figured I may as well write something while I'm here. I've been spending most of my time either at school or on Tumblr and practically never drawing anymore (or at least not having the materials to properly scan my work). Even though I'm rarely here, I'm gonna try making appearances more often. 
    I plan on clearing out a majority of the really crappy drawings on here that basically have no point in being here (i.e. severely terrible pictures, sketch dumps not worth my time, poorly scanned work, old "lineart," etc,.) I'll post some more realism stuff once I get the chance, but who knows when that'll be? I have quite a few of my muse, piled up from the last few months, and we plan to do more, so expect that. I'll also be working with acrylic paint soon, so that  should be exciting! 

If you'd like to see me attempt paint, make clothes, or any of my WIPs, you should probably follow me on Instagram:!
There's not a lot on there now (I just made it last night), but I'll be posting a lot of really stupid stuff there throughout the next few months. 

Aaaaand that about sums it up. I'll see you all later. Peace.

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Riley (Insert Last Name Here)
United States
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Tell DeviantART about yourself! O... kay... Well, hello. You probably know my name by now. I'm sixteen years old and a first-class procrastinator (oh, joy...) I am also very short... it's kind of sad.
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